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7 July 2020

Congregational health messages on COVID-19 for religious leaders

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The Government of Kenya in partnership with Faith-based organizations and UNAIDS has produced a booklet for religious leaders in response to COVID-19.

The booklet contains a set of messages to be used during sermons and other religious activities. The messages are intended to provide accurate facts about COVID-19 and debunk myths. They also aim at rallying congregants to respond with love, kindness, and care rather than stigma and discrimination. Finally, the booklet calls on congregants to follow the government guidelines and recommendations on how to prevent COVID-19 infection. The booklet uses Biblical scriptures and quotes from Quran, Hindu, Bahai and other faiths to reinforce the messages.

As a member of the faith sector working group, UNAIDS provided the government and partners with support on the conceptualization and writing of the document including technical review and input.

Visit the UNAIDS COVID-19 blog for more information on what UNAIDS is doing in response to COVID-19.

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