Country Snapshots

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Unless otherwise referenced, all data cited are from UNAIDS 2017 Estimates, the UNAIDS report: Ending AIDS: Progress towards the 90–90–90 targets, Global AIDS Update 2017, Global AIDS Monitoring 2017 online reports, AIDS Info (, and National Commitments and Policy Instrument (NCPI) reporting.

Data on the age of consent for HIV reporting was compiled from UNFPA 2017: Harmonizing the Legal Environment for Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. A review of 23 countries in eastern and southern Africa and from UNAIDS Country Offices. Other relevant citations and sources can be found at the end of the country-by-country annex.

The 2017 estimates are based on country-developed models supported by UNAIDS and the UNAIDS Reference Group on HIV Estimates, Modelling and Projections. More information on the methods can be found at

Synthesis of country data from aforementioned sources and also from national surveillance and other reports, and its analysis into country-by-country and regional overviews was conducted by the Data Team of the ESA Strategic Information Hub at UNAIDS Regional Support Team for eastern and southern Africa.